Second Press Release RE: Nuclear Waste Dumped Illegally In Cornwall, UK?

***Supplementary Press Release***

Photographic Evidence Of Tresavean Bat Castle Construction (1992)



The shaft above was identified in DINES British Geological Survey as being 39 fathoms.

This is the first bat castle that was constructed and in this instance with added galvanised ladder rungs on the inside.  These were accessed by padlocked sliding bars in the grille opposite the one showing.


This selection of pictures (above) identifies the construction of the bat castle which as can be seen was built above an underground chamber. This chamber was reinforced, and by diligent observation K-CAP were able to establish that this was the purpose of the inclusion of the ladder rungs accessed by the padlocked grille.


This was the construction on which the alleged bat castle pictured above was built.  As can be seen from the technical drawing below, as provided by Mr. Sandicock of Kerrier District Council, it varies somewhat as we have previously published and illustrated above.


The photographs when presented to both the Kerrier District Council Environmental Services, their legal department, and the Regional Office of the Department of the Environment, failed to attract an explanation.

It is necessary to explain that the alleged bat castle depicted above has suffered the same fate as the one shown below in that it has been bulldozed and replaced with a vent.

The bat castle shown below was situated only a matter of feet/metres from the security fence surrounding an EDF sub-station, which at the time of the Mine reclamation was a SWEB facilty.


The photograph also identifies afforestation which has now disappeared.


About K-CAP

Cornwall - Kernow Community Action Pollution was set up in 1989 after a network of Cornish environmentalists became concerned about the indiscriminate dumping of toxic wastes which were being transported from as far away as the Wirral and being disposed of in former mine workings in mid-west Cornwall. K-CAP's core membership includes the founder members who come from a diverse range of backgrounds including many from the the geological and mining sciences. Due to recent activity the group has also seen healthy organic growth over the last 12 months. Email:
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