Latest News – July 2017

Members suspect that Duchy inshore waters are facing a major eco threat from corroding 50 gallon drums of heavy metal waste secreted by Holmes’ Carrick District Council divers team in Seal Hole, St. Agnes, in the early 80’s as part of so-called Operation Minecap.



About K-CAP

Cornwall - Kernow Community Action Pollution was set up in 1989 after a network of Cornish environmentalists became concerned about the indiscriminate dumping of toxic wastes which were being transported from as far away as the Wirral and being disposed of in former mine workings in mid-west Cornwall. K-CAP's core membership includes the founder members who come from a diverse range of backgrounds including many from the the geological and mining sciences. Due to recent activity the group has also seen healthy organic growth over the last 12 months. Email:
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